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Vijayshree Group of Companies


Vijayshree is 30 years and running today, from its humble beginning as a small business to become one of the world’s largest service providers, the journey has been an exciting and deeply invigorating one. Along the way, we have created an enviable track record.

We are proud to say that we are a one stop shop for Steel, Cement, Mining, Construction, Gold, Diamond, Power, Agriculture Solutions. Vijayshree places its workforce in the forefront. The strong & unflinching commitment of the team has helped us to emerge as largest service providers for various branded products.


Partnership Precision Pioneering Customer trust. Vijayshree brand stands for Partnership, Precision, Pioneering Spirit and Broad Range of Products and Services and International awareness.


Vijayshree stands for Quality, Competence and Precision for sophisticated products and solutions that meet the highest technological standards and reliably satisfy the need of the customer always.


We keep an eye over the operating business and also keep the future in our field of vision and so the same always applies for our management as for our products prices perception in all dimensions.

Company history at a glance

A time journey through Vijayshree Group of Companies History :
Come along with us on a journey through time.

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Start of the Business

Mr . RIKABCHANDJI BHURAT, the founder of Vijayshreegroup of Companies. He started his business on 21/03/1952 in to Textile and Garments Industry.

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The Family

Three sons like:
1) Babulalji Bhurat
2) Madanlalji Bhurat And
3) Raju Bhurat
carried different businesses.

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Vijayshree's First Showroom

In 1972 Roopali showroom emerged by Mr. Raju Bhurat.

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Computer Training

In 1992, Vijayshree were the first people to start computer training center at Hospet along with its other businesses.

At the Same time, Diffusion welding elements was started above Roopali Showroom.

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Full Fledged company

Vijayshree Group was a full fledged company, diversifying into services for mining, steel, cement, motors and infrastructure solutions.

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Vijayshree - A Complete Solution Provider

RRB Group:
Vijayshree Agencies
Vijayshree Agencies -FZE
Vijayshree Motors - Eicher Division
Vijayshree Motors Tractor Division
Vijayshree Diesel Sales & Service
Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village
and Many more...

Why choose Vijayshree for your business

Day by day we want to satisfy the far reaching requirements of our Customers and Partners. At the same time, we are also aware of our responsibility towards our employees and suppliers. This is the basis for decisions that are responsible, Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

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