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R. Raju Bhurat Jain

Managing Director
Vijayshree Group of Companies

Director's Message:

I am proud to announce today that Vijayshree is 30 years old. Vijayshree had a humble beginning as a small showroom for readymade garments to becoming one of the largest service providers, this journey has been an exciting one and deeply rejuvenating. All along the way, we have created a desirable track record. Over a decade, our revenues have jumped by a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21%; our Net Income has grown by a CAGR of 31%. Importantly, in these years, we have led the industries growth in the segments we operate on. And all along we have constantly invested, to conquer newer and newer frontiers and to sustain our growth.

What has made this track record possible? I would contribute this to two aspects of Vijayshree - One that is ever changing and the other that is never changing. Our philosophy is running our business embracing change. No matter how successful we were, no matter how secure we were, there was always this restless edge to do more. This has made us look beyond the present; it made us reach into the future. The challenge, however is to do these strategic investments without diluting the focus on operational excellence that leads to flawless execution.

Consequently, we have constantly reinvented ourselves and reinvested for future business, for we know that to reap benefits tomorrow, we need to sow the seeds today. And. more oftenly, we have done this while improving our operational performance. For instance, our past investments in incubating newer services and geographies yielded fruits in 2015-16. It is very heartening to note the strong growth in our service section.

Our philosophy in dealing with our Business Partners is based on the foundation of enduring values. Over the years, our core Values have not changed, even though we have constantly rearticulated them to make them relevant to changing times. These values guide us in all our transactions and relations. These values define what Vijayshree is and what we mean to our Business Partners. We call this Spirit of Vijayshree. Spirit of Vijayshree is the core of Vijayshree. It is rooted and it is inspirational…… Thus making its future active. Spirit of Vijayshree means manifesting intensity to win, acting with sensitivity and being unyielding on integrity all the time. With the strategic all well as operational success of past years behind us, we look forward to the future with more enthusiasm than ever before. The Vijayshree services industry is evolving from a simple service provision to more complex and higher value added knowledge creation mode. Delivering value to customers in the tightly knit combination of domain expertise, integrated - service offerings, innovative solutions striding and deep technical knowledge. We have identified and rolled out initiatives in our strategic and operational plans in this direction. We are confident that this will be a significant differentiator for us that will enable to continue to lead industry growth. Additionally, inorganic.

I believe that it is the combination of spirit of Vijayshree and our ability, desire and willingness to invest for the future, without letting up on execution that has been the formula, if I may say so, for our success. Clearly, Vijayshree is in the optimal spot of strong growth. We have the game – plan to leverage the opportunities and realize our growth potential. And spirit of Vijayshree will ensure that our businesses are so run that our Business Partners win. This will help Vijayshree deliver sustainable and profitable growth for many years to come.

I thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given us so far. Let me assure you that our hunger for growth is far from satisfied, our ambitions far from fulfilled and Vision far from achieved. Even Vijayshree Business Partners are charged to give their best. After all, we have a track record to maintain and exceed.

With Best Regards,
Very Sincerely,

R.Raju Bhurat Jain
Managing Director
Vijayshree Group of Companies