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Kistler Morse Automation Limited

Kistler Morse Automation Limited

Kistler-Morse Automation Limited (KMAL) has been a solution provider in the field of Weight and Level catering to the needs of Process Control and Inventory Management. KMAL began its operations with collaborations from Kistler-Morse Corporation and CST Autoweigh. During the last decade, Kistler Morse has developed technical skills through strategic alliances with various Partners around the Globe. The name of Kistler Morse has become synonymous with accuracy, consistency and reliability. Kistler Morse as been awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certificate from BSI Management Systems.

Business Activities:

System Design & Engineering of Bulk Material handling Devices & Instrument them with appropriate Sensors, Signal Processors & Controllers, providing Logistics, Information & Communications under one roof. Integration of custom mechanicals with Electronics and Information Technology based on WEIGHT & LEVEL.


KMAL will be the number ONE solution provider for bulk material storage and process material control & monitoring systems providing mechatronic systems with Logistics, Communications and Information solutions based on WEIGHT & LEVEL.

  • Sensors: Our weighing sensors have the ability to turn vessels into scales and are ideal for conditions ranging from sanitary to rugged outdoor environments. Kistler-Morse's offering includes bolt-on sensors, load stands and load cells.

  • Controllers: Kistler-MorseĀ® offers single and multi-vessel weighing controllers so that our customers can monitor and provide stable and accurate readings.

Our products can be found at work throughout the food, aggregate, plastics, power, chemical and biotech industries, in virtually every type of vessel. Kistler-MorseĀ® products are built tough to withstand the most rugged applications while providing companies with the accuracy they need.

  • Provides a reliable and consistent indication of what is actually in the vessel, regardless of its movement or distribution.

  • There is no contact with material

  • Bulk density and other material characteristics do not impact the measurements

  • Tank conditions, like rat holes, cascading material or bridging, do not affect the measurement

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