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Oxford Rubber

An enterprise started in 1987 on a small scale basis has now grown to be the second largest manufacturer of Conveyor Belting in Southern India. Renowned for product superiority and innovation, Oxford Rubber is growing strength to strength to be a lead player as a major supplier of Conveyor Belting in the leading industries such as Cement, Iron Ore, Steel, Power Etc.

Business Activities:

  • Wide selection of belt width ranging from 200mm up to 2000mm with 2 to 8 plies.

  • Superior Adhesion levels between plies while maintaining flexibility for effective operation.

  • Maximum impact resistance that reduces carcass damage.

  • High flexibility of carcass fabrics to prevent buckling.

  • High resistance to adverse environmental operating conditions.

  • Abrasion resistant compounds ensure long belt life.

  • Superior hot and cold splicing technology.

  • High resistance with low elongation and higher tensile strength.


  • Conveyor Belts

  • Specialized belts

  • Transmission Belts

  • Accessories

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